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At Electrosteel, the ability to rationalise costs and enhance quality on a continuous basis has been derived through its commitment to ‘Total Productive Maintenance’ (TPM). This unique Japanese managerial system is based on the preventive maintenance theory, widely accepted today among global manufacturing companies and applicable to every line and function of their businesses.

TPM aims at zero defects, zero accidents and zero pollution, translating into zero losses.

TPM’s objectives comprise:

  • To create a corporate system that maximises efficiency of production.
  • To create systems which prevent losses.
  • To seek active participation from all members of the organisation.
  • To achieve zero losses through the overlapping of small-group activities.

At Electrosteel, TPM is comprehensively practiced in consultation with the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. This is what it has achieved for the Company over the last few years:

  • An understanding and implementation of basic housekeeping tenets by almost every worker at the shop floor level.
  • A conscious effort to utilise time more productively across the organisation.
  • Comprehensive mass-scale training and orientation programmes, including Jishu Hozen (autonomous maintenance), creating a strong sense of ownership for equipment among workers, higher machine utilisation and lower breakdown.
  • In 2010, received "Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment" from JIPM Japan.
  • In 2008, received "Award for TPM Excellence, Category A" from JIPM Japan.