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At Electrosteel Castings, the focus is always on continuous improvement when it comes to organisational quality and performance with the objective of improving customer satisfaction and evolving the product portfolio. Customers are becoming more and more conscious not only regarding the value of the product but also demanding compliance of social and environmental issues prevailing at the premises of the manufacturer. Alert to the growing needs in this aspect the Company is constantly upgrading its processes and has undertaken several initiatives to enhance its position of leadership by offering quality products and services.

Some of the recent achievements in this direction include -

  • TPM and Kaizen Culture have percolated, both upward and downward and continue to be maintained with all the enthusiasm involving and motivating personnel at all the levels. TPM excellence award achieved by Khardah works has further motivated the teams to take up the challenge of competing with the best in the industry worldwide.
  • Company’s NABL accredited laboratory is further adding on its capabilities.
  • The Company has achieved the French NF approval for its products for sewerage application.
  • The Company has achieved the ability to put CE marking on its products for sewerage application. This has enhanced its credibility as a premium supplier. In this respect, the Company is ahead of many global competitors in the field.
  • The Company continues to maintain the approval of its quality system and products by agencies like DVGW (Germany), BSI (UK), SIRIM (Malaysia), Middle East, and approval from USA Certifying agencies.

To view Electrosteel’s Quality Policy, Click here.

R&D Facility

Electrosteel has maintained its leadership by continuous evolution of an unrivalled product range, regularly updating the manufacturing processes, and initiating extensive research towards new product development. A dedicated set of professionals is devoted to research and development activities to enhance product range and augment product features, to meet demanding quality standards of various countries. The R&D facility includes a state-of-the-art computer aided design centre, a modern testing laboratory, a chemical laboratory and a variety of test beds. Electrosteel’s testing laboratories are accredited by the National Accreditation Bureau of Laboratories, India. The in-house R&D facilities had always been technically alert and innovative and produced a number of patented product formulation.