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Internal Protection System

Normally all pipes are supplied with centrifugally applied cement mortar lining. Fittings are supplied with manually applied cement lining. The mortar of the lining is composed of cement, sand and water.

Advantages of Cement Mortar Lining

  • Centrifugally applied CML provides higher Hazen William’s C value of 140 compared to 100 for bare metallic pipes.
  • Reduces frictional head loss and pumping cost.
  • CML passivates the pipe wall against corrosion by the alkaline reaction of cement.
  • CML prevents pitting and tuberculation of pipes and stops the production of red water.
  • CML helps to maintain same flow area and co-efficient of friction over a long period of time.

Seal Coat on Cement Lining

When specified or prescribed by the customer the cement mortar lining is given a seal coat of asphaltic material. On specific requirement of customer we provide Epoxy Seal Coat over Cement Lining. The purpose of the seal coat is to control leaching of cement into Water.

Ceramic Epoxy for Sewerage

Ceramic epoxy lining is a specialized lining with high abrasion resistance which is suitable for raw sewer conveyance. This is done against customers requirement.

Polyurethane Lining

PU internal lining consist of two-component, solvent-free, 100% solid polyurethane material, which has very good corrosion resistance and wear resistance property. Because of its smooth surface it has excellent smoothness offering very little resistance to water flow which saves pumping cost. It has good impact resistance and surface adherence. It also shows high resistance to internal chemical attack.