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Range of Fittings

  • All Socketted Ductile Iron Fittings with Push-on joints.
  • All Flanged Ductile Iron Fittings.
  • Ductile Iron Fittings with push-on type restrained joint.
  • Ductile Iron Mechanical Joint Fittings with Rubber Gasket & follower gland.
  • Fabricated and custom made Ductile Iron fittings.

Loose Flange Fittings

Electrosteel has also introduced fittings with Adjustable Flange or Loose Flange. Unlike 'As cast' Flanged fitting, in this case, separately cast loose Flanges are mounted on the fittings. A loose Flanged Fittings is comprised of a Flange ring, (in one or more parts bolted together) which can be fixed on the fittings end. This loose Flange can be freely rotated around the axis of the fittings.

Advantages of Loose Flange Fittings

  • Since the flange can be freely rotated, bolthole alignment with the mating Flange becomes easier.
  • As it can be fixed and removed easily, dismantling of adjoining accessories becomes easier. Angles can be adjusted.
  • The PN rating of the Fittings can be changed at will, just by changing the loose flange.

Mechanical Joint Fittings

In mechanical joint, sealing is achieved by applying pressure on the gasket by a separate gland. When bolted with the pipe, the gland exerts pressure on the sealing rubber gasket and makes the joint leak proof.

Jointing Procedure of Mechanical Joint Fittings:

  • Easier to assemble and dismantle without any special tool.
  • Needs only a spanner.
  • The leaking joint can be repaired very easily.
  • Offers high flexibility and wider dimensional tolerance of the socket and spigot.

Jointing Procedure of Mechanical Joint Pipe & Fittings

  • Clean the jointing socket and spigot of the pipe thoroughly.
  • Insert the follower gland and the gasket on the spigot.
  • Put the spigot into the M/J socket and align the pipes. Next slide the gland and gasket in position.
  • Insert the nut-bolts and tighten diametrically opposite bolts.
  • Ensure that the follower gland presses the rubber gasket properly.
  • In case of any leakage the bolts may be tightened further.
  • Joints to be assembled completely and then give required deflection.
Ductile Iron Special Fittings

Apart from push-on joint and mechanical joint fittings we also manufacture some special fittings, which are extremely useful for practical applications which would have same wall thickness, material and quality tests of standard fittings. Few of these are mentioned below:

  • 4 way Crosses
  • Double Socket Branch Flange level Invert Tee (Scour Tee)
  • Caps/Plugs /Puddle Flange
  • Flanged Bell Month
  • Radial Tee
  • Special variation of conventional Fittings such as
    • Fittings with one side Flange & one side plain-ended /socketted of a particular length.
    • Tees and Reducers with other non standard DN x dn combinations.
    • In fact due to the immense flexibility of our manufacturing process by Lost Foam method, virtually any combination of socket/flange/plain-end is possible.
Ductile Iron Fabricated Fittings

Electrosteel manufactures DI fabricated fittings, by welding together sections of DI Pipes and Castings to form a basic pipe connecting piece, similar in function to some fittings. One such regularly manufactured product is Air Valve Tee. As an example a 100 mm dia, Flanged outlet can be fixed on a 500 mm pipe or larger dia, which serves the purpose of a 500x500x100 Double Socket Branch Flange (DSBF) Tee, ideal for air valve installation. It saves the cost of a DSBF Tee and provides considerable cost economy. These products are made and tested as per the provision of IS:9523.

All Socketted Ductile Iron Fittings from DN 80 to DN 1000 conforming to IS 9524/ ISO 2531/ BS EN 545. Fittings are available in the following joints

  • Push-on Joint
  • Flanged Joint (Fixed Flange and Rotary Flange)
  • Mechanical
  • Restrained Joint