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Fair Business Practice Policy

We thrive to create an environment where business confidence is built through Best Business Practices and is fostered in an atmosphere of trust and respect between providers of goods and services and their users, for the ultimate benefit of Society. We promote the highest ethical practices, by business and involved professionals, in order to provide complete satisfaction to the consumers. We ensure maximum truthfulness regarding product and services and avoid practices which may result in any conflict of interest among consumers and stake holders. We do not indulge in any kind of corruptive practices and fraudulent activities. We do not misuse an advantageous market position to the detriment of consumers and do not encourage any anti-competitive practices. We respect related intellectual property rights and ensure protection of privacy of the client. We do not use media or advertisement to mislead consumers. We honour the agreed contract with customer regarding price, delivery, warranty and after sales services. We have inbuilt system for fair and impartial handling of all kinds of consumer grievances. We assure to satisfy the consumer with prompt, efficient and courteous service at a reasonable price.