One of the world's best qualities of Ductile Iron Pipe is produced in an integrated manufacturing facility at Khardah, which is in Kolkata, India.

A unique combination of skilled manpower, state-of-art facilities and automation has helped Electrosteel to achieve product quality as per international benchmark.


Electrosteel believes that best quality and process integrity can only be achieved through automation. So, Electrosteel is using the best equipment from all over the world for critical processes.




State-of-art coating plant offers diversified types of coating with different materials and colors to meet different application requirements.




Corrosion Protection

A Dedicated technical team develops different corrosion resistance coating to suit most aggressive soils. The team also helps customer to choose the right coating depending on soil aggressiveness.



Ductile Iron Pipe Plant

The stage wise quality assurance starting from metal preparation, casting, heat-treatment and coating & linings ensures that the customer gets the world class product




Blast Furnace

The supply of sponge iron and coke from its own facilities in Haldia and the integrated Blast Furnace Complex at Khardah Works eliminates the fluctuation in quality of basic raw material.